Idocs Guide to HTML

Attribute for <IFRAME ...>

NAME indicates the name of the frame. This name can be used for targeting links much the same way <FRAME NAME="..."> can be used to target links. For example, this can be useful in the situation where you want to produce multiple "inset boxes":

<TD><H4>Facts About Beavers</H4>

<LI><A HREF="BeaverHabitat.html" TARGET="BeaverFacts">Habitats</A>
<LI><A HREF="BeaverEat.html" TARGET="BeaverFacts">Food</A>
<LI><A HREF="BabyBeavers.html" TARGET="BeaverFacts">Baby Beavers</A>

    WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200>


Facts About Beavers

Notice that in this example we don't include any content inside <IFRAME ...>. In this particular implementation that list of links is sufficient for browsers that don't understand NAME. For browsers such as Netscape, each link will open in a new window. Opening in new windows may be a downside, or it may match nicely with your design.

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