Idocs Guide to HTML

<SPAN ...>

See also Break the <FONT> Habit.

The sole purpose for <SPAN ...> is to allow you to set the fonts for a span of text. This is done by creating a styles rule, then applying the style to a <SPAN ...> element.

For example, suppose you want your product names displayed in a special style. First, you could create a style rule in the like this:

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">

This rule creates a styles class named product and sets the font color to brown, weight to 900, the size to 95%, and the font family to the generic font family "san-serif".

We can now apply the product class to a <SPAN ...> element using the CLASS attribute:

Our new software product, 
brings a new lvel of quality to ground-water analysis.

which gives us

Our new software product, MOFAT, brings a new lvel of quality to ground-water analysis.

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